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Ambitious plans, humble beginnings...

Setting up an artist career and navigating the waters in the international music industry is not an easy feat, especially when the artist is devoted to perfecting his or her art and busy pouring their heart into what they love. Figuring out the artist profile, undertaking all the necessary steps to prepare a release and then making sure it gets the marketing push it needs to fulfil its potential is quite an endeavour, one that requires a range of skills and competences that are outside the scope of making music.

For appreciation of creative minds and their work, I've set up Gateway Management to support artists in their pursuits by taking the strategic, administrative and project management aspects off their plate. By doing that, the artists will get the space to replenish their vision and the executional support to present their work to their audiences. Although I am starting out by myself, I aim to build a team around these values to provide specialised services for more artists in the future.

Combining my academic business administration background and experiences in working with global artists in the electronic music scene, I have set out to offer a comprehensive service to up and coming artists. Whether it's dealing with strategic approaches, marketing the releases or financial management, I will have the answer or find the answer from my network and do my part in growing together.

Inspire and help talented artists to fulfil their vision, present their work to the public and take it to the international stages.

  • Increase artists awareness on how to set strategies, market the releases and finance their plans
  • Expand opportunities for export of Estonian culture and develop cooperation on an international level

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