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Music industry has since the conception of recorded music been heavily based around intellectual property licensing and various collaborations that generally require contracts and agreements to be put in place between the parties.

The costs associated with a contract review can be prohibitively expensive for starting or even advanced artists as they put a significant share of their funds and energy towards creating and perfecting their craft.

With about 60,000 songs released every day on Spotify alone and a need of a record deal to jumpstart their careers, artists oftentimes overlook the necessity of getting a potential deal reviewed by a lawyer, especially after making a simple cost-benefit/budgeting exercise, while also being pressured by the contracting parties to hurry with signing the agreement.

As getting a contract review back from a lawyer can take between 5 days to three weeks, it can be difficult for artists to be legally diligent in the process of developing their career.

These circumstances have led to countless situations where artists get tied into a long term contract with a record label with extremely unfavorable conditions. The most extreme example of this can be situations where an artist's latest release performed below expectations and the label “shelves” their project, meaning that the label is not going to release any of their new material and by their contract, the artist is not able to do so anywhere else either.

The pattern of signing into bad long-term deals reaches across genres and decades. Artists may need to sign more than a dozen types of contracts and due to their long-term nature they can’t afford to sign a bad contract.

Redline aims to reduce risks by offering a cost and time-effective alternative to having their agreements reviewed by a lawyer. Learn more here: Redline.attorney

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