Contemporary R&B with a soulful twist

Shira’s career started back in 2019 when she participated in Estonia's Song Competition with the song “Out In Space” and made it all the way to the finals. Since then she has devoted herself to music with the intention of taking international stages with her original creation. Her first song was succeeded by an EDM collaboration called “Shine Over Me” which has amassed over 2 million streams to date. During the same year her backing vocals were used on the song “Storm” by Victor Crone, which represented Estonia in the Eurovision.

Her third song “Out In Space” was also nominated to the song competition in 2020 and also made it all the way to finals with the addition of being placed 3rd by the international jury.

During 2021 she released four singles, the last of which, “Under Water” participated in the Estonian Song Competition 2022 where it made it to the quarter finals. Her participation in the competition was different this year as she had a second song nominated which ended up in the top 10 that year. 2022 was a busy year for her as she also released her debut album “Unravel” which reflects her soft, dreamy and self-searching side, which was inspired by her Holistic studies.

Although Shira is primarily an RnB artist, she has also toplined for various EDM tracks which have been released by widely known EDM labels. As she feels most connected to the RnB and soul genres, she decided to break up her EDM and RnB directions by making another artist project called Izara.


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